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Cynthia Ambrose

Cynthia Ambrose, Registered Yoga TeacherI am a mother of three, a wife, yoga teacher, Thai yoga therapist and Reiki practitioner. I started on my path of yoga in 1998 after a back injury. Not only did I find relief from my back pain but I became more physically fit and felt great spiritually and emotionally too. After all my years of being alive, I finally realized how to breathe as my lung capacity increased with my practice of pranayama. Yoga has changed my life. It has taught me to be accepting of myself as well as others, seeing through eyes of "Metta" Loving Kindness. Yoga teaches us how important it is to love ourselves, first and foremost. It is not until then that you can send your love to others and to the world.

On my path of yoga and self discovery, I have been fortunate to practice with many wonderful teachers. I hold a 200 hour certification in Taoist Yoga having studied under Damon Honycutt, Founder of Nomad Yoga. I completed my second 200 hour training at Samadhi Yoga Studio in Manchester, CT under the tutelage of Anne and Matthew Falkowski. In addition, I've studied the Kundalini tradition with Shakta Kaur Kalsa, and received a certificate to teach yoga to children. I currently volunteer my time teaching in the middle school system.

Some of my other teachers are Simon Park, Stephen Cope, Mark Whitwell and Yoganand, Michael Carroll. I recently completed my training as a DanceAwakening teacher with founder, Natalie Goff of 1World Yoga.

I received my training in Thai Yoga Therapy at Kripalu with Paul Cramer of the Lotus Palm School in Montreal and have been in practice since 2005.

My teaching incorporates many styles and traditions and invites you to allow your practice to be exactly what it is you need at the moment. I enjoy teaching group classes, private classes and workshops on different traditions of yoga as well as dance and movement.

I invite you to listen to your breath and find the silent witness from within.

Cynthia Ambrose, RYT

The best yoga... is to be the well wisher of everyone.

~Swami Kripalu

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