"Cynthia Ambrose's approach to her yoga practice is nothing short of magical. Her method of teaching through White Lotus Yoga involves her strong commitment to compassion and comfort with a focus on the individual student. I always feel that I am the only one in the class! She is tender-hearted yet strong and understanding pushing you to achieve a higher level. The consummate teacher.

This is the same way she approaches her Thai Yoga Therapy. Always focused on the client. Every touch is purposeful and there are no wasted movements. She works to create the right atmosphere and leaves her clients with that courteous feeling that 'you are the most important'. A truly dedicated holistic practitioner."

Cathy Reynolds
Glastonbury, CT

"Since receiving several yoga therapies from cynthia my body, mind and spirit feel alive. I am able to focus better, my flexibility has increased and my overall attitude has improved. I woud recommend this therapy to anyone who would like to improve their overall being.

Cynthia is mindful and caring. She is helpful in creating a pleasurable and relaxing experience."

Lauren Berry
Avon, CT

" I have never felt such amazing releases and relaxation in all my years of getting body work done. Cynthia has a gift of being able to listen to what the body needs and applying her knowlegde of healing to making you feel alive and balanced."

Marina Franzoni, N.D., M.Ac.
Hartford, CT